About US

About us

Initiated by a group of Palestinian women activists, the Psychosocial Counseling Center for Women (PSCCW), was officially established in Bethlehem in 1997 and registered with the Ministry of Interior in the following year. The Center’s purposes include- but are not limited to- providing the necessary psychosocial support, legal protection and community integration for female survivors who are exposed to different forms of social and political violence. In what follows, the center’s goal also focuses on raising public awareness concerning issues and concepts related to gender, women’s rights and gender-based violence in accordance with international and national human rights instruments and laws. These aims serve to build and secure a safe environment free from any form of gender-based abuse and violence against women. In addition, the center seeks to unify public knowledge of women’s needs while offering them comprehensive and holistic services.

Who We Are

We are a group of activists who advocate human rights and social justice. In specific, we believe women’s rights ought to be defended, and that gender equality and social justice are basic requirements for building a safe and democratic Palestinian society.

our Vision

To establish a democratic and just Palestinian community where women enjoy and freely exercise their rights without any form of discrimination.​

our Mission

Our qualified and professional teams excessively work on providing holistic psychosocial and legal services, specifically to vulnerable and marginalized women and girls. This objective is associated with supplementing women with economic empowerment and raising the public’s awareness towards laying the basis for a just environment for women.

Our strategic goals

1) Enhanced living conditions and standards for women and girls who have survived violence and gender-based discrimination.
2) Enhanced social, economic, and political rights of women and girls
3) Improved and broader sectors of protection services offered to women and girls.
Our services and areas of intervention:

Our Services

Our services and areas of intervention:

Psychosocial counseling:

PSCCW provides psychosocial counseling for women and female survivors of political and social violence. This aims at promoting women’s psychosocial wellbeing, ensuring them a safe environment to enable their successful inclusion. and participation economically, socially and politically. As a women’s rights center, we, at PSCCW, are dedicated to empower women in order to promote their resilience and ultimately get them actively involved in the processes of decision-making and full participation.

  • Community-based interventions:

We recognize the importance of accountability to local communities. Therefore, we seek to further develop the level of public awareness and understanding of women’s rights. This involves enhancing the public responsibility for supporting women in order to abolish gender-based violence.

  • Legal aid:

We offer legal consultation and judicial representation to women survivors of violence. Our legal aspect also includes designing advocacy campaigns, passing/enforcing laws and fostering legislation that safeguards women’s legal rights.

  • Capacity building:

We seek to broaden and boost the quality of services provided, specifically for vulnerable and marginalized women. We aim to enhance the quality of protection services initiated by human rights local organizations.

  • Economic empowerment:

We support and empower women focusing on households headed by women as their sole breadwinners We thus offer women professional trainings and offer them grants, with the

“Cash-for-Work” Componenta as well as the self-employment projects to enhance their economic independence and promote their living conditions.

  • Humanitarian aid:
  • We provide humanitarian and crises aid to those who are in need.

Board & General ASsembly

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